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Top 5 Unique Wedding Event Entertainment in Los Angeles

All brides and grooms dream of a great wedding that they and their guests will remember for a long time. Most of all, they dream of hosting a unique event that will have everyone talking for days on end about their event. The entertainment of a wedding is where the couple can bring their unique personality and touch to the event. For great ideas, keep reading the top five unique wedding event entertainment options in Los Angeles.

1. The 360 Photo Booth

A wedding is known for lots of picture taking and one way to uniquely do this is with a photo booth. This trending event activity is catching on because it makes the video-taking sessions so much fun. In this experience, 2-4 guests stand on a slow-moving LED lighted spinner. As it rotates at 360 degrees, high-speed cameras take videos of the guests. The experience is more interesting with overlays, music, LED-colored lighting and props and costumes that guests can wear for fun. This is an exciting interactive experience and guests immediately get wedding-branded videos of their experience, making a great memoir of the day!

2. Palm Reader

Palm reading is another unique wedding entertainment idea that will attract curious guests who want to know their future. Hire a well-reputed professional to give your guests a great experience.

3. Unique Live Bands or Dancers

Give your guests a unique experience of being in a concert experience with live bands and dancers that mesmerize and get them involved. Some examples include a mariachi band that sings Top 80’s hits or a dance crew that invites guests to dance along. The choices of musicians in Los Angeles are endless.

4. Fire Performers

Bring on the wow factor to your wedding day by hiring fire breathers to perform at your reception. Your guests will be thrilled by their amazing, exciting routines and stunts. These fire performers are best seen in the evenings under the stars and are a great choice for an autumn or winter wedding, or a destination beach wedding. You can gather guests outside and marvel at the show, or can perform at your outdoor wedding. This will have people talking about your wedding for years to come.

5. Circus Entertainer

When we talk of circus-themed entertainment, there are many incredible circus skills that an entertainer can bring to your wedding to wow the guests. Think of jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers, contortionists, mime artists, tight wire walkers and more. Circus entertainers will amaze your guests and have them clicking for Instagram-worthy photos.


So, there you have it! You can pick and run with unique wedding entertainment ideas for a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests. Consider the 360 Photo Booth and contact us for affordable entertainment that all your guests can take part in. Best of all, everyone gets a video of themselves that has you and your spouse’s name, the date and venue as a keepsake of the day!

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