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About Us

Joyful Photo Booths are a modern way to give your event wholesome entertainment, ideal for private parties and corporate events.

Our purpose is to innovate how you give memory to your guests, adapting the format and the new tastes of people. For this reason, all the videos we make are edited and recorded with a quality camera and professional lighting so that they have incredible quality.

The software of our 360 photo booths records through its high-speed cameras and adjustable rotation wirelessly. The results in a bullet time effect and gives you a real slow-motion video.

All videos contain a design with the event's name, bride, groom, or whatever you prefer as souvenirs for all the people who use the booth. In addition, the videos are delivered instantly, so your guests can share them on their social networks or save them on their cell phones.

Now you and your guests can uniquely record your most memorable moments and share them INSTANTLY!

Fun and unique memories for your guests!

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