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360 Photo Booth Rentals In

Make Your Party Guests’ Spin With A 360 Photo Booth Rental

Static photo booths are old news. Take your party to the next level with a rotating photo booth to capture your guests’ selfies from every angle. Crystal clear high-definition videos, gifs, and Instagram boomerangs make an unforgettable souvenir for private parties, weddings, brand launches, and more!

360 Photo Booth Rental in Topanga

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

When it comes to capturing memories and moments, 360 photo booths have reinvented the wheel. With professional cameras and perfect lighting, our rotating selfie booths record the fun from every angle.


Despite the name, a 360-camera booth is actually a platform where your guests stand, dance, and have fun as a state-of-the-art camera rotates around them, capturing an HD video complete with your event branding. In just seconds your guests can create and share an unforgettable memento to remember the night by.


Want to kick things up a notch? Provide selfie-takers with props, signs, and music to dance to. This isn’t the photo booth you’d find in your hometown mall. This is the future of party favors!


The Best Events For a Rotating Photo Booth in Topanga

Weddings – Photo booths are pretty standard for wedding receptions these days. Make your marriage celebration one to remember by upgrading to a 360 photo booth. You can even add the bride and groom’s names for all of the videos!

Graduations – Whether your student is graduating from high school or college, give them a night to remember with all of their friends. A rotating selfie booth is a perfect way to get the party started.

Birthday Parties – Make your birthday bash the talk of Ps with a 360 booth rental.

Brand Launches and Promotional Parties – Want to set your brand’s party apart from the pack? Spread the word about your launch, product, or company by giving guests a keepsake they’ll want to share with all their friends. Of course, your branding can be embedded in every video.

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties – Capture the crazy memories of your last night of freedom in LA with a 360-spin photo booth.

Company Holiday Parties – For company shindigs big and small, a spinning photo booth is the perfect ice breaker to get the party started.

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360 photo Booth Rental Prices

When it comes to Topanga parties, bigger is always better. But that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget! We work hard to offer you the best quality equipment and stellar service at a price that can’t be beat.


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360 Photo Booth Rentals In Topanga
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